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MDB/ACCDB Repair Software

MS access is one of the programs assembled in Microsoft office package. It is a database program that stores different user information such as tables, indexes, primary keys, memo and unique fields in MDB or ACCDB files. Both individuals and business firms use MS access for storage and retrieval of vital data.


There are certain factors that adversely affect the functioning of MDB/ACCDB files. Virus and spyware intrusion, improper system shutdown, fault in networking cable and hard disk error are some of the factors that severely corrupt the access databases. When MDB files of a system or Access server become corrupt, it displays different error messages:

  • Unrecognized database format “xxx.mdb”
  • The Microsoft Jet Engine cannot open this file
  • File Cannot be accessed
  • Database needs to be repaired or isn’t a database file

Microsoft has provided inbuilt Access database repair software called “compact and repair database”. This inbuilt repair access tool is suitable for recovery of MDB files, which are damaged due to improper system shutdown and networking faults. However, major corruption issues of Access databases cannot be fixed with Compact and repair database. In that situation, you must use third party Access Database Recovery Tool.

MDB repair software is capable of restoring Access databases, which are damaged due to virus sabotage, fault in networking cable, accidental system shutdown and other reasons. The software has advanced recovery engine to ensure fast retrieval of data from the damaged MDB/ACCDB files. The MDB repair tool has two options of database recovery i.e., standard mode and template mode. The standard can be used if access databases has minor corruption issues. But, when access database recovery is not possible with first option, then you can use template mode of the software. MDB repair tool retrieves every item like table structure, date format, primary key, unique field, index number and numeric data from the corrupt MDB file. Retrieved data are stored by the utility in new MDB file.

MDB repair software supports MS access versions 2013/2010/2007/2003/XP/2000/97/95 versions. The software successfully runs on different Window platforms such as Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT/95

Evaluate the MDB Repair Program:

One can download the evaluation version of MDB repair software for free. The trial software successfully retrieves data from the inaccessible MDB/ACCDB files. It also shows the result in a tree structure. However, the software does not allow the user to save the retrieved MDB/ACCDB files. You must buy the license key of the MDB repair software, in order to save the retrieved access databases in your system or network.

  • Tool possesses an excellent ability to restore key data structures like autonumber, primary key, field size and many more.
  • The tool is capable of supporting MDB and ACCDB file for repair and recovery.
  • Software restores memo data, OLE data and table relationships.
  • Software restores the format of data even after the successful completion of access recovery procedure.
  • Utility makes use of LivePreview technology, in order to retrieve the structure of database from the corrupt database.
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