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Repair Corrupt Access Database

Almost every organization needs to maintain a database for proper management of work, schedules, reports etc. Need for Database files cannot be avoided. Out of all these DB users, maximum numbers of people like to use MS Access for creating and maintaining important information for its ease of use and availability.

access data recovery

Virus attacks, power sabotage, malicious content download etc may lead to corruption, damage and inaccessibility of MDB database file and give following errors.

  • Unrecognized Database Format
  • Database needs to be repaired or isn’t a database file
  • The Microsoft Jet database engine could not find the object

Errors like these cannot be ignored at any cost. Inability in opening MDB file may result in data loss, which none of us desire. In order to prevent this situation, keep your computer protected and let no virus, power sabotage affect it, which is quite difficult. Hence, the use of third party software comes in rescue.

MDB Recovery software can amazingly recover MDB or ACCDB files and retrieve any important information as and when required. Integrated with quick and powerful set of algorithms, this tool is effective in searching and recovering entire data from a corrupt or damaged MDB file.

The MDB Repair software performs a deep and thorough scan of the damaged MS Access database and recovers crucial information in just a couple of minutes. The tool consists of two exceptional repair modes that is:

  • Standard Mode: If the MDB database file has minor corruptions or damage, then usage of Standard mode can be the best bet. This mode effectively repairs MDB or ACCDB database, retrieves data and rebuilds the working database.
  • Template Mode: If the MDB corruption issue is major and the internal database structure is damaged or lost, usage of Template mode does justice. The access repair tool prompts to backup and create a copy of database as a template for restoring database structure. After recovery, this tool saves entire recovered data including files and folders into a new MDB file.
Software Features:
  • Recovers the queries, underlying table structure as well as data stored
  • Displays the recovered database’s preview
  • It is user friendly as well as self explanatory software
  • Restores memo data, OLE data, table relationship, all types of keys, data format etc
  • It successfully converts MDE to MDB Database file

MS Access- 2013/2010/2007/2003/XP/2000/97/95 versions

Operating system: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT/95

Try it Free:

By downloading the trial version, one can analyze the tool completely free. The trial version can be downloaded from the safe and secure company’s official website by clicking on the link provided. It works exactly like the full copy of product. However, in trial version, one cannot save any of the recovered files. The demo edition lets the user recover database and preview the files but to save any of them, user needs to purchase the software.

  • Tool possesses an excellent ability to restore key data structures like autonumber, primary key, field size and many more.
  • The tool is capable of supporting MDB and ACCDB file for repair and recovery.
  • Software restores memo data, OLE data and table relationships.
  • Software restores the format of data even after the successful completion of access recovery procedure.
  • Utility makes use of LivePreview technology, in order to retrieve the structure of database from the corrupt database.
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